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Deepti Enterprises
E-9, Sec-3, Noida 2527579
Machine Tools & Dies

Diamond Tools & Gauges 28,
SMIE-lI, 20/2, Mathura Road,
Faridabad 4000649,2269649 Carbide Gauges, Tools & Instruments, etc.

Eany Penumatics
3197, GalI No.5, 5GM. Nagar,
NIT. Faridabad 3098725/011-32344873
Two Wheeler Ramps, Display Stand, Tools,
Trolley, Smokeless system, special purpose machines, air compressors

Ejee Parts & Tools Pvt. Ltd.
384, Sec-37, Pace City-Il,
Gurgaon 4036667/0124-4036667'
Standard Die Components

El-Mac Dies & Components Pvt. Ltd.
D-87, HSIDC Shed, Sec-37, Fh-VI, Udyog Vihar,
Gurgaon 4030754,4031 238 Precision Tools & Dies, Jigs & Fixtures

Electro Stamping Tools & Dies(Unit-l) 21,
Sarurpur md. Area, Behind Jindat Gas App.
Sohna Road, Faridabed 2470390 Pressing Div. (Progressive Tools & Laminations)

Emfech Tools & Components
E-30, South Side, G.T. Rd. IndI. Area,
Gzb 2840597/0120-2840996 Collef,
Hardendvise, Jigs,
Fixtures & Special Purpose Tools for Automobile Industries

En Em Engineering Works
SC/i 0, B.P., Railway Rd,
NIT., Fbd 2415763,2411S19
Drilling, jigs, fixtures, gauges & dies.

Fair Field Engineers
A-16/5, DLF IndI. Estate,
Fhase-l, Faridabad 2275999,3297908
Fastener Toolings

Fastek Innovative Toolings (India) Pvt. Ltd.
E-59, Sec-6, Noida 2422359/0120-2422359
Die Casting, Die Plastic & Die Rubber

Friendaco Engineering Works
(Regd.) 18, HSIDC mdi. Park-I,
Kundli Sonepat 2370491
Diesel Fuel Pump Test Benches, Nozzle
Injector Tester, PIP. Service Tools & Equipments

Gageman Industries
9-F, Sec 6, Mathura Road,
Faridabad 4062611/0129-2249037
Precision Gauges in Steel & Carbide Snap
Gauge, Plug Gauge, Ring Gauge, Measuring Pin

Ganga Electronics (P) Ltd.
138, Anand mdl. Estate,
Mohan Nagar, Gzb 2940151,2940348
Sheet Metal Components, Sheet Metal Tools, Turn Components

Goodwill Engineers
220, Sec 24, Faridabad 2232741,4062943/0129-4062944
Press Tools, Freas Comp. & Fabricators

Great Machine Tools
74, Ram Swaroop Colony,
Sec-24, Faridabad 4027766/0129-2237766
All Types of Magnetic Chuck, V-Block &

Magnetic Tools,
Precision Surface Grinder Machine,
All Kinds of Machine Tools, Dies & Die Cast Components

HGF Tools & Designers
70, Bhagaf Singh Colony,
Railway Rd, NIT, Phd 2417013 Press tools, moulds, jig fixtures & components.

Hans Industries
E-98, MCF No. 5690,
Sanjay Colony, Sec 23, N.l.T Faridabad 2441623
Sheet Metal Press Tools, Components, Jig Fixture

Harish Tool Works
Nr. Minto Talkies, Basai Road,
Gurgaon 9871262584 Tool Brazing, Tool Grinding, Aluminium Brazing

Hi-Tech Tools
G-45, Sec-3, Noida 3918655
Tools & Die

Hindustan Special Tools
Eli 24, Sanjay Colony,
Sec 23, Faridabad 2230136/0129-2241170
Tools Designers, Manufacturers, Erectors,
Suppliers and Contractors

Hitech Machine Toots
E-20, Sanjay Colony, Sec-23,
Faridabad 2238348
Spares, Tools & Gauges

Ingersoll Rand Wadco Tools Pvt. Ltd.
37A, Site-4, Sahibabad mdi. Area,
Gzb 2895116-26/0120-2895127 Industrial Tools

Innovative Dies Tools
85, Ph-VI, Udyog Vihar,
Sec 37, Gurgaon 4031334/01 24-4031 334 Gauges,
Fixtures, Jigs & Special Toolings

Jai Bharat Tools
E-90, San jay Colony,
Sec-23, Faridabad 3093010
Press Tools, Jig, Fixture, Sheet Metal Comp. & Job Works

Jaiwal Engineering Works
E-173, Sector-36, Noide 2577051/0120-2501031
Job work on EDM, CNC wire cut,jigs, fixture, press fools

Jyoti Test House
F.C.A. 35, Adarsh Nagar,
Malerna Road, Bellabgarh 2248073,2213912/0129-2248073
Calibration & Repairing of Temp. Pressure, Electric, Electronic,
Mechanical Measuring Instruments. Precision Tools, Gauges, Jigs & Fixtures.

Krishna & Co.
18/6, Mat hura Rd,
Fbd 2267304 Sheet metal components & press tools.

Krishna Enterprises
E-72, MCF-5782, Gall Farmer Furniture,
Sanjay Colony, Faridabad 9213406197
Press Tools, Sheet Metal Components and all Kinds of Drilling and Taping

L.K. Enterprises
120, Ram Swaroop Colony,
Paridabad 9910973881
Sheet Metal Components, Jig & Fixture, Press Tools

Lube Mat ic Tools
60, Ramswaroop Colony,
Sector 24, Mujesar, Faridabad 2237S23,4022227
Zip Machine

M.M. Engineers D-122,
Sector-7, Noida 2531443 \Press tools,
jigs & fixtures, sheet metal components,
precision turned & fabricafed components

MM. Enterprises
Opp. Bhalla Chemicals, Daulatabad Rd,
Gurgaon 2469488
C.N.C Milling for Tools and Components, Tools Assemblies,
Die-Casting, Innovative Jigs-Fixture and Gauges etc.

Master Tools & Gauges
E/47-48, Sanjay Colony,
Sec 23, Faridabad 2230915,2442046/0129-2238339
Machine Tool Accessories - Jigs & Fixtures, STD,
Plug & Snap Gauges, Special Receiver Gauges,
Boring Bars, Lapped Jig Bushes, Collets Centre,
Reduction Sleeves, Milling Adopters, Tapping Chuck Accessories.

Mikron Tools & Industries
6, Lane no. 2, Mate Sheet Ia Colony,
Gurgaon 2302227,2335690/0124-2335690
Press Tools, Moulds, Jigs & Fixtures, Inspection Gauges & Engg. Components,
Precision Work for Cylindrical Grinding

Mikron Tools & Industries
186, Sec 6, MT Manesar,
Gurgeon 3099066/0124-2335690
Press Tools, Moulds, Jigs, Fixtures,
Inspection Guages & Precision Engg. Components

N.N. Tools
E-69, Sanjay Colony,
Faridabad 2442146 Precision Tools,
Punches, H.S.S. Carbide
Tools, Cutting Tools & Gauge's etc.

Orcan Products of India
51, Industrial Area,
NIT., Faridabad 2238862,2230063/0129-4020223
Vices like Bearing Fuller Vice, Drill Press
Vice, Pneumatic Machine Vice

Otto India
F-74, B.S. Road,
IndI. Area, Gzb 270076S Auto Parts,
Dies Jigs & Fixtures, Carbide Tip Tools

Owais Enterprises
73/1, Gall No. 8B,
Kadipur mdl. Area, Pataudi Road,
Gurgaon 3260810 Fixtures, Jigs, Precision Components. Gauges, Tools etc.

PG. Engg.
Works 5, Theni Move, Opp. Escort Herion, Mujesar,
Faridabad 9312104856 Jig, Fixture, Gauges

Paragon Tooling & Components
50-A, Sector 31,
HSIDC, Faridabad 4044779 Plastic Moulds, Rubber Moulds, Press Tools,
Jigs, Fixtures, 3D Part Modelling, Tool Designing and CNC Machining
Parveen Press Tools

Pee Vee Industries
233, HSIDC, Ph VI, IndlAree,
Sec 37, Gurgeon 2371847,2371243/0124-2371243
Jigs, Fixtures, Toolings, Gauges & Machine
Perfect Gauge
48, Opp. Esoort Herion Maujesar. Faridabad 9818423441
Gauges, Fixtures, Pipe bending Toots & Receiver

Perfect Press Components
FCA-85, Friends Colony, Sohna Road,
Ballabgarh 2246S81 3092371
Sheet Metal Components, Press Tools, Jigs &
Fixtures, Auto Meter & Auto Lock Components


46 of 114 Companies in

 |1 - 46 of 114|Next23

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